Cloudragonlabel is an independent record label specialising in the fusion between indie, alternative and electronica music. It was founded in 2006 by some Leeds, Birmingham, and Liverpool shoegaze fans (see contacts page), and was originally managed through a myspace page.


Cloudragonlabel is essentially a shoegaze fusion label covering indie shoegaze, hiphop shoegaze, quickstep shoegaze, shoegaze electro, and electronica. It prides itself in focussing on cutting edge music, ranging from the space hop wall of sound shoegaze angel music of  Tiain Noone, or the durgingly articulate musings of poets with shoegaze accompaniements like I Am A Librarian, and Bass Marks The Station.

This eclectic range of music has earned Cloudragonlabel some critical acclaim, particularly after the release of Shoegaze Hiphop album ‘A Brief History Of Love’.

…The new and fresh movements of pioneers floating in water, gliding in space.

For any submission of demos e-mail us, the details of which are on our Contact Us page. Check the latest news for details of live shows and new releases. Email us at info@cloudragonlabel.co.uk to be put onto our mailing list. Cloudragonlabel is based in the Midlands but has support teams in Birmingham, East Anglia, and London. Here are the links to some of our artists.

Santiago - Black LinearThe Patron Saints - Patron SaintsTiain Noone - The Cold MountainsShadowpeak - Shadowpeak EPPale Faced Princess - We Are At EaseCloudragonlabel - Shoegaze Electro Compilation 3Zatoichi - 30 BeatsFingercuffs - Bring Them InLeeSun - Cosmos Integral

All of our music is available on download at www.cloudragonlabel.bandcamp.com and are soon to be on general e-release from all main online retailers.

Music Profiles for all our artists are available on our Artist pages.

Cloudragonlabel’s Shoegaze Electro Compilation No. 4 was released July of thid year featuring a constellation of acts which inspire and define the cloudragonlabel sound. In 2013, Cloudragonlabel has also released Soundscape Indie 1 for the purist shoegaze acts on the label. Have a look on our compilations page to see what other compilations have been released. There are  links on that page to thhe download and streaming page.

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